I love India trip 2019

February 2019 was the first edition of the ‘I love India-trip. Together with 5 women we made a tour so I could share my passion for the country, the culture, the food, the people, yoga and spirituality. And it was a huge success! The women loved everything about the tour and found it to be anincredible experience. And incredible it was.

Thea, one of the women, tells about this trip: “It was a  journey which covered a lot of different aspects.  Karin showed us relatively many Indian aspects in a slow and enjoyable pace (very smart to stay at one place for a few nights). The tour was diversified and every part was quite different and fascinating. The rides from one location to the other were of course spectacular experiences! We  “just”took a domestic flight! This was professionally organised and all felt very relaxed. Everything was taken care of, f&b, taxis, busses, meeting local friends of Karin, too much to mention in a short space. We only had to step in, join in and meanwhile Karin took all of our wishes into account. We simply could enjoy our trip in a carefree manner.

Especially Karins huge love for India was truly unique and very deeply felt!! I have been traveling with Djoser and other travel agents. This was ok, but the personal and authentic touch were never the same as we felt in this magnificent trip.”

And so it was. In 10 days I really liked to show the real, authentic India. A country full of contrasts. Heart warming and heart breaking at the same time. Colourful but also dusty and dirty. The daily smell of exhaust gases and sewers, but also delicious smells from Indian herbs, food, incense and flowers. Heavy and chaotic traffic, non-stop honking, and at the same time the nature was heart breakingly beautiful and quiet. Also, lots of quietness and peace of mind by practicing yoga and meditation with local yogis.

“Having streetfood with incredible tasty bites, next to leftovers for free running holy cows.”

During 10 days the India-trip led us through the Holy Ganga, Heavenly Himalaya and cheeky monkeys. After our arrival in New Delhi we spent some time to acclimatise, so we could get used to the noise and crowded environment. We had lovely chai and warm cookies on the streets. People, cars, tuktuks, rikshas and much more people, cars, tuktuks, rikshas. Meeting local friends Dev and Nitin, who were pleased to help and guide us along the way.

The next day we drove, fully packed, towards the Himalaya where we stayed for 4 days in Rishikesh. Rishikesh is a true walhalla for yoga lovers. But the nature is also stunning, the Ganga water is bright and clear, delicious food and temples are everywhere. And much more. Dogs, monkeys, cows. Malas, swamis and sadhus. From Himalaya to Haridwar, from ashram to German Bakery. Hiking, strolling, yoga and ayurvedic massage.

We left the clean Ganga water and traded this for the dark Ganga in Varanasi (Benares), more than 1000 kilometres to the South. Otherwise known as Benares. I have never seen and felt holier in this place. Every hindu dreams about visiting and leaving their body in Varanasi to reach Nirvana. And we are here to experience this in all of its majesty.

365 days a year there is aarti, every morning and every night. Lord Shiva is everywhere. 370 ghats, whereof burning ghat is very special, extremely powerful and spiritual. You just can’t describe this, you must feel and see this in person. Every day yoga at Assi ghat, every day a bath in the Ganga. My local friend Rohit guided us full dedication across the Ganga and revealed Manikarnika Ghat’s secrets.

On the 10thday we flew back to Delhi, where our trip ended. The group was deeply connected, we experienced a lot. With pain in our hearts, but totally satisfied by so many impressions, we said goodbye. To each other and to this special country. The India-trip touched us deeply, touched our souls. Sometimes some emotions appeared, sometimes we were speechless of all the beauty. This was so special.

“This trip will stay in my head and my heart for a long time. Many impressions which touched me physically and made me become introspective. I am speechless and grateful to have experienced this.”

Why is this India-trip so different than other tours? Thea:

“We had a good time. Karin made a lot of effort to make this a dream trip. Nothing was explained in advance but she rather revealedIndia in all her wealth and simplicity. Her knowledge, love, contacts and help from local friends are unique. I have tears in my eyes, I am só grateful and enriched.”

Would you like to join me in a trip to India? In relatively short time and with full passion I will get you to know the country, Incredible India in all her facets. Of course we practice yoga but only with local yogis. Each year I will travel to India. Next edition is in February 2020.

Are you interested? Please mail me info@deyogazaak.com and I will keep you informed.

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